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Peri-ungal Wart

Peri-ungal Wart

Plantar Wart

Plantar Wart

Common and genital warts are very common skin diseases caused by the virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Warts can affect any area of the body including hands, feet (plantar warts), around the nails, legs, arms and genitalia (genital warts). Common Warts are relatively common among children of school age in South Texas.

Warts are contagious, and they may spread to other areas, especially in case of genital warts. "It is important to not touch the warts or try to remove them since it may spread the warts to surrounding areas", said Dr. Ghohestani, a renowned dermatologist and director of Texas Institute of Dermatology.

Over the counter treatments are, usually, ineffective for treatment of warts, especially if they are older than 1 week.

First-line therapies include application of a keratolytic agent (Salicylic Acid) that gradually removes the wart. Sometimes, management of warts can be frustrating. Bleomycin, Tazarotene gel, Zyclara, Aldara and Cantheridin are also used for recalcitrant warts (Verruca Vulgaris). Co2 laser is among the latest technology to remove warts, and this technique has been used at our San Antonio Wart Clinic.

Freezing could offer the best result when performed aggressively, or up to 30 seconds for two cycles. Cryofreeze has been used for management of common and genital warts. This method can be combined with usage of topical ant-wart creams.

At the Warts clinic, you will be seen by an experienced dermatologist who will examine the warts and then offer various treatment options including laser, cryofreeze, shave removal, and topical creams. Our staff successfully treats warts on a daily basis and are experienced in treating common and genital warts that have failed to respond to over the counter creams.


  • Avoid direct touch

  • Avoid walking on bare feet, especially if the area is wet

  • Wash hands when you go to the gym and after touching the instruments

  • Avoid unprotected sexual intercourse in the case of genital warts

  • Avoid oral sex in the case of genital warts